Monday, May 28, 2012

SRC - Spicy Chicken Fajitas!

Running late on the blog post for SRC - the summer is crazy - have been at my mom's - trouble with the internet then computer, than sick and clingy toddler and me suffering from allergies so all in all I have been unfair to my assignment even though I had a month to savor Sarah's blog with all her wonderful recipes... Fantastical Sharing of Recipes.

I bookmarked a lot of recipes... but made one and the recipe can be found here -

I used shredded chicken that I had made earlier with Indian spices and an Indian flatbread made of wholewheat to make it kid friendly for my toddler... and he kinda gave it a go for a change!

4 chicken legs boiled with cloves, bay leaf, whole black pepper, onion and salt
2 chicken legs shredded and sauteed with cooked tomato and onion puree coriander powder, paprika, salt and olive oil
more onions and pepper for lightly sauteed for fajitas
cheese (i used slices as my shredded cheeze waqs over)
Indian flat bread (roti) (recipe to be up soon)


For chicken: Take a pan with oil and add tomato and onion puree, saute till it leaves oil and add chicken and all spices - add a couple of tablespoons of water and cook till dry.
In another pan saute some onions and green pepper
Cook the Indian flatbread on a girdle - add all the toppings, top with some cheese and more spices as per required and fajitas are ready.

The original recipe called for beef but we only eat chicken and fish at home ... so I had to tweak the recipe around a bit! Sorry, do not have picasa to touch up my pictures... so please bare with the quality this time around!!!