Sunday, March 14, 2010

Strawberry Mascarpone Ice Cream

I know my posts have been sporadic and a bit disorganised - I have photographs sometimes and no recipes and the other way around but it kinda shows how my life has been - a bit chaotic!

I always seem to be on the look out for a a good full-time help and when I don't have one life goes into panic mode as there seems to be more work that I can pack into a 24hr day.

I am also back from spending a good 2 weeks at my mom's place and in that span of time I didn't seem to have the time to enter the kitchen and therefore all the gaps in my blog.

I am again back with a Strawberry post - coz whatever I say about this berry just ain't enough. I keep looking for innovative ways to get my son hooked onto it (milkshakes, desserts, custard, pancakes) - but he doesn't seem to be biting the bait. Beside strawberries being a luscious red fruit that looks inviting whether had on its own, with whipped cream, in yogurt or in poes ice-cream et al it has many health benefits to its claim also. Strawberries are have antioxidants and are hight vitamins, minerals and fibres and low in calories so I would pretty much call it a 'perfect food'.

So back to my recipe :

I had about 400gms of bright red not soo sweet berries with me and wanted to make something creamy and sweet and not worry about the calories - also I wanted something I could prepare in a jiffy. I also had a tub of mascarpone cheese and thought what better than to celebrate the arrival of spring with a fruit flavoured ice cream!

So here goes the recipe for a no churn ice cream -I tried looking online for a recipe but couldn't find anything that I had all the ingredients for so tried this out as an experiment and it came out pretty well - Ia m definitely looking for suggestions to improve it also.

400gms Strawberries
100gms Icing Sugar
1 Lemon
200gms Mascarpone Cheese
200gms Low Fat Cream (Am sure it will taste better with whipping cream but it's not easily available in India)

I coarsely churned the strawberries, icing sugar and juice of a lemon in my mixie. I then added chilled cream and a tub of mascarpone using a rubber spatula and mixed it. I then popped it into a freezer in a plastic air-tight container and removed it after 4 hours to mix and put it back. But it was pretty well set without any icicles - so my hubby and I decided to taste some before I popped it back into the freezer.

And some became more and then we didn't have the opportunity to put it back! The taste was yummy and creamy with pieces of strawberry and the ice-cream just melted into the mouth. I also used it to make milkshakes it got the same reaction. But my son didn't enjoy it so much.

Do remember to keep some berries to decorate... I didn't have any left!

Until next I finally have the picture for you guys :)!


D.N.Bhatnagar said...

I drifted to your blog from Rahul Bhatnagar's facebook page. I have liked the way you have presented the recipes. If you like you may post a few selected ones on to the community website: for greater appreciation.

Ruchi M said...

Thank you so much. I have not been able to email you or access your webpage for some reason - to discuss this further.