Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad - Eggless Chocolate Layer Cake with Chocolate Buttercream

This cake is dedicated to my mom and dad and I wish I could ship it to them... but they were in my mind while I was completing this order for my neighbor's anniversary! Their brief was simple to make an eggless chocolate cake that the kids would enjoy.. and I kept it real simple. I added a bit of color with the M&M's for the kids... but apart from that I wanted to keep it simplistic and chocolaty!

I scoured through many blogs and 100's of recipes to get this right. I went back to my cupcakes recipe but it was too soft and didn't know if it would hold well as a full fledged cake to be layered and then I chanced upon Maduram's Blog - lovely tips for eggless cooking, clear instructions and beautifully decorated cakes for her Wilton's Classes... I read a lot of her recipe's and used her tips to bake two great moist eggless cakes.

I also used Rachel Allen's Chocolate Buttercream recipe which uses - butter, whipping cream and icing sugar to get a fantastic soft layer. To make sure the cakes remained most I spread a chocolate ganache on the cakes before layering and icing them.

The end result is as seen below:


Anonymous said...

could U share the recipe for chco.buttercream u r using here.


Ruchi M said...

This is Rachel Allen's Recipe for the Chocolate Buttercream Icing and it was just yum.. hope you try it out!

For the chocolate butter icing

75 g butter, at room temperature
1 tbsp cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
175 g icing sugar
1 tbsp good quality cocoa powder (I used Hershey's)