Friday, July 30, 2010

Cooking with 3 pots and 1 pan... my mis-adventures...

There are things (and people) that we take for granted in life and only when we are forced to give them up do we realize the comforts that we have surrounded ourselves with.

Usually, I am up at 6am ready for my yoga and by 7am when I am back my help serves me a warm glass of coffee milk which I manage to gulp down and skim through the paper before my son wakes up and demands I attend to him. I often crib about how I don't get alone time or miss a session 'coz I was awake the night before trying to get my son to sleep etc.

I am currently in Vietnam, yes Vietnam out of all the places, with no help and my 20 month old and me having a go at it all alone! I have been under the weather then passed off the bug to him.. but am still managing with no help for cooking and looking after him. We seem to be more relaxed and since I am less hyper it transfers to him and he is calmer too... I actually thought I won't survive without help but it's been a week and I am coping fine!

Yes, I do miss doing nothing and sipping on a cup of chai knowing everything will sort itself out and there will be food for the baby to eat but I am more at peace now. The other adventure that I am on is trying to get meals ready in time or before time and actually cooking with only 3 pots and 1 pan (a non-stick) that I couldn't have survived without - so I bought one the day after I landed. In Gurgaon, I have 6 pressure cookers to choose from when I am cooking and currently I have a mini 1.5ltr which I am using for everything!!!! I am terribly lucky to have packed it off with my husband in advance otherwise we would be waiting for hours to get food ready on the electric stove we have in the apartment. The only regret I have is the baking I have to abstain from since there is no over here.

Over the next few days, I am going to document surviving on how I manage to cook with my limited utensils. My son is not keen on experimenting with Vietnamese cuisine so I am also trying to cook Indian food here and the limited items on my list currently are - rava dosa, upma, subudane ka porridge, khichdi, a variety of dals with chawal, bhindi and various chicken curries. My hubby and son are not a fan of veggies but I think they are missing their paranthas and roti.

Am going to keep trying to blog from here about the markets, cuisines and things to do with children.

Over and out for now - time to head into the kitchen to get the evening snack ready.

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