Friday, July 2, 2010

Kiddie Party Treats - Totally Sinful !!!!

I have been a fan of Bakerella Pops since forever - she has the yummiest and most scrumptious looking bite sized food ever!

So when I knew I was going to have many many kids over (read more than 10) and I had some serious baking to do... I realized I am going to try and make some "CAKE POPS"! I also ended up making some very Christmassy sugar cookies - and got inspired to turn them into "COOKIE POPS"!

Accompanying this I also had some Mini Cheesecakes (Oreo cookie and Blueberry flavors), Chocolate and Walnut Biscotti, Chocolate and Walnut Fudgy Cookies, and Banana Walnut Loaf Slices - the mothers needed some treats too!

Yeah, I think I was going crazy and into baking over-drive for the last few days - but it was well worth the effort!
More photos to come :)!


The Housewife said...

I love bakeralla too... she makes the cutest things! Can't wait to see more photos...everything looks so amazing!

Anonymous said...

How lovely these are. I can only imagine the excited look on the kids faces when you brought these out!

Gitte said...

You did fantastic, they all look so great. I bet the kids loved them.

Ruchi M said...

Thank you all!!! Wish the pics looked as great as the food tasted!