Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A few more Restaurant Reviews - Delhi & Gurgaon (ordering in)

I have waited a while to visit a substantial number of restraurants in and around Delhi & Gurgaon before writing this up. I will further divide this into take-out and nice sit-down kinda places...

For restaurant numbers and menu - do refer to Zomato.com. Also, there is another new service from bitequest.com - they made a booking for me and I received a 15% discount on my bill - how cool was that - WOW!

1. Colonel's Kebabz at Arjun Marg, Gurgaon- is our standard take out choice for Indian food especially Butter Chicken or Chicken Tikka Masala though we still do not find their Tandoori Chicken upto the mark.

It used to be Nawab's at SuperMart I, Gurgaon (Needs Market) but the quality of food there has really deteriorated. Also, I have heard rave reviews about Dana Choga, though never eaten there. The hubby has and also says it's awesome.

Tried Buddy's Broaster at a friends son's Birthday and they took me by surprise. They are not exactly as good as KFC which I prefer over McDonald's but their kathi roll's were great and chicken burgers were good. Also, heard good things about their nuggets and popcorn chicken.

Another, great place to order is from Burmese Kitchen - most of the dishes we've tried at this place have been true to taste and really had the hubby and me licking our fingers. Don't know of any places in Gurgaon that do Burmese food so this is always the first choice if we have to dig into some great Khow Suey.

Will leave it to the ordering in part for now and tackle sit down fine-dining next time around

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