Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ottelonghi's Olive Oil Crackers - healthy snacks options for the munchies!

Like I mentioned earlier, this is the year of event participation for me, especially since I can't venture out too much nowadays - all I can think of our healthy and fun things to bake and eat and send out to all the special people out there who have helped me while I was under the weather.

I came across a very unique event at Torview - it is a blog with wonderful recipes ranging from breads, pilaf's, baked goods to savory snacks all adpated to fit the Islamic dietary restrictions and full of wonderful pictures. As the logo mentions below mentions it is all about cooking something Brown... everything I cook in my Indian household is kinda brown... our curries are reddish brown, the roti's or Indian bread we eat is light brown, we eat a lot of whole wheat bread sandwiches - all brown and consume a lot of chocolate cake & cookies... so the choice was tough.

I needed  something different yet healthy with less oil so that I could feast on it myself... I have a pretty limited diet currently and was not allowed to eat even chips till a week back. I was really craving some healthy crackers when I came across the Ottelonghi Olive Oil Crackers on Passionate About Baking but I had to put a healthy twist to them to make them brown! They are made with all purpose flour but I used half wheat flour to make them.

The ingredients are simple and always readily available in your pantry I am sure...

250g all purpose flour (I used 125g all purpose flour and 125g whole wheat flour)
115ml water
25ml olive oil
1tsp baking powder
1/2tsp salt & pepper
Toppings - as per your liking - I used flax seeds, cayene pepper, oregano seasoning

Brings the dough together by kneading together the flour, water and oil. Intuitively, one feels more the flour the drier the dough shall be but I realized this by making a small blunder... I found my dough really sticky and added a bit of extra flour to it and it seemed to get stickier as I kneaded it. Adding a bit of oil to it saved it and bought it all together once again.

Rest it in the fridge for an hour. Then make 25 balls and roll them out in tongue shapes as mentioned in the cookbook (which I would love to own) or roll it out and cut it with a pastry cutter as mentioned by Deeba. I made them into different shapes as you can see but all of mine didn't come out too crsip. I would roll out the dough as thin as possible and and I had to bake it for almost 12 minutes unlike the 6 minutes mentioned. Remember to sprinkle your toppings and brush it with olive oil before baking!

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Torviewtoronto said...

thank you for sending these healthy delicious looking crackers.
I am so glad you are part of the event