Monday, May 23, 2011

100th POST & A Giveaway!

Dear All,

I am currently visiting my mom and do not have any pics or lovely recipes for you... BUT please, please leave me a COMMENT if my BLOG has touched you in any way - made you a laugh, cry or think about food or made you relate to any of the posts in any way!

I am always complaining about how I want to be showered by some COMMENT love... and I will send you a small package :)!

And pics and recipes will be up soon :)!!!

Lots of Love,


ankita said...

hey congrats! good going! I love your mothwatering recipes specially the chocolate cakes and healthy snacks! Almost all of them require normal ingredients from the kitchen which is very practical.... Keep up the good work.. Look forward to more yummy recipes!

EC said...

Heartiest congratulations..wishing u many more 100s..I love the baked goodies on ur blog and would love to see more of them being featured here

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruchi, Great work on your blog! You have some good and simple baking ideas and recipes, and I enjoy reading your seasonal creations.
Looking forward to some more interesting posts!
All the best.


Ruchi said...

Facebook Love

Ruchi's Simply Food: 100th POST & A Giveaway!

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Rajesh Ramakrishnan congrats - keep going :-) arent there any early bird giveaways?? :)
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Apeksha Jain congrats!
May 23 at 11:23am · Like.

Shallu Arora Congrats!!
May 23 at 1:47pm · Like.

Shweta Sood Diwan!
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Anita Deshpande Hey... Congrats... Way to go... Have always loved the way you try new,healthy recipes... Enjoy ure mumbai stay!!!!!
May 23 at 4:02pm · Like.

Ruchi Bhatnagar-Mathur Thanks all...
May 23 at 8:43pm · Like.

Tanya Bhardwaj good work girl...great to knw u in Bbay....shall call ya tomm...Enjoy!
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Gurgaon Moms Congrats and great work!
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