Thursday, August 2, 2012

BIG MOVE - moving cities

Anyone who has moved with a toddler in tow and changed the poor kid's school thrice in 3 month would know what I was going through!

It has been a crazy time at my end and I still have no internet! I have moved a couple of cities in my 32 years on this earth but never has been a move so hectic and so chaotic yet I had all the support possible with my mom living a stone's throw away :)!

So, within India I moved from the Northern parts (Gurgaon) to Western India (Mumbai)! A move that I have longed to do for a very very long time... just didn't realize I would be doing it when my toddler just started big school in Delhi. And a couple of weeks into school we were headed to Mumbai for a break and then when we knew of the move he had to start his second school with a vacation of just 2 weeks... so that he can secure a seat in the chaotic world of schools!

AT last things are settled (not) - we have our place in order, the stuff has moved and am still trying to put things in their rightful place. The toddler has finally gotten admission in the school we wanted and is happily settled. We still need the internet so I can blog... and show you all some cool pics of the sea view from our new place and the things I have been baking in  humid humid Mumbai!!!!

Bear with me - we should have some blog posts coming up pretty soon (umm, two weeks tops I think :))!!!!

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