Saturday, March 23, 2013

A "comeback" of sorts...

Loads of women are asked whether they are going to make a "comeback" to the workforce after they've had a baby and have been looking after their kids and they feel like never stopped working.

The 5 month old new addition to my family is a bundle of joy and we are already taking baby steps into the world of food... after freshly pureed rice cereal she has the pleasure of being introduced to a pureed bottle gourd with a dash of carrots and spinach. And though she looks at me with accusing eyes and watches me eat like a hawk... I am happy to report she is a foodie!

Meanwhile, with all the bed rest I had during pregnancy and having a baby itself I had to take a break from my kitchen for 7 months but I have taken baby steps back into the kitchen. I have just been re-trying my recipes - banana cake, apple cake, strawberry cheesecake and figuring out ways to make it healthier for the group of kids that hang out with my 4 year old and their mother's! We mother's seem to be on a constant lookout to reinvent foods and figure out how to get another serving of veggies or fruits into our children and I am going to dedicate part of my time and in trying to make regular recipes pack a punch with fiber and fruit hidden in them. Most of the food being baked is only to satisfy the hunger pangs of the family and there have been an occasional cake thrown in here and there.

What"s been keeping me busy?

Arav, my son's, 4th birthday cake... 40 days after my daughter was born. Really tough to work on given the timeline and feed schedule of my baby.

Celebrating my princess completing her 1st month.

Strawberry and mascarpone.... desserts with the family.

Another view of my son's 4th birthday cake :)!

 Hopefully, I shall be up and running and full of posts for you all soon.

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